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Below, you'll find frequently asked questions about our catering services

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, at least a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to save your date. Payment is required via cash or check.


How far in advance do I need to order?

We require at least a week and a half notice especially if you are ordering a pig.

Is there a rain date for catering services?

Your deposit is non-refundable, so you may book catering for your event for another day. However, we do not plan raindates. If you see that it is going to rain when the day of your event is approaching, you can establish a raindate with us beforehand.

What do I need to prepare for a pig roast?

Please provide an area for Sal to unload the pig from his van and to carve the pig. If it is raining, please provide a tent or garage. Please ensure that Sal has a convenient spot to park so he can easily unload the van, in case there is bad weather, and for safety reasons.

Is the pig cooked on-site?

No, the pig is cooked before we arrive as it takes over 15 hours of cooking. Once we arrive, the pig will be ready in 30-40 minutes.

Once I place an order, can I make changes?

If your party is in a week or less, you cannot make any changes unless they are minor.

Do you take tips? How much is sufficient?

Yes, we appreciate a 15% gratuity.

Do you provide rentals, plates, napkins, utensils, serving spoons, chafing dishes, sternos, etc.?

No, we only provide food.

I am located more than 30 minutes away from where your business is located in Verona, NJ, is there a delivery fee?

Yes, if you are more than 30 minutes away, there will be a $50 delivery fee. If you are an hour away, there will be a $100 delivery fee.

Can I book catering for a holiday?

Yes, if we are available. However, there will be at least a $100 fee.

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